HD Physical Vector World Map

World Map Vector (2020)

Maptorian, in its 2020 edition, maintains all the features that have made this world mapping pack an indispensable tool for creating maps of all kinds. All elements of Maptorian’s vector maps are editable: you can change colors, line types, texts, river, road, lake, and coastal layouts…

In addition, each set of elements and objects is distributed in thematic layers, which makes editing simple. Among the main novelties of the 2020 edition of these vector maps is the correction and improvement of several maps, as well as the inclusion of new maps never before incorporated in the Maptorian collection.

World Map Vector

In addition to maps of countries and continents, the vector maps of the world constitute the most important part of Maptorian. The 2020 edition includes vector maps of the world with more than forty layers distributed in various thematic maps.

Highly detailed Miller projection maps, including political and physical vector maps, bathymetric maps, country region maps and, the newest and most practical, maps with vector world topography. Previously it was common to have vector maps with a bitmap background layer to show the physical aspects of the terrain or ocean floor. The 2020 version of Maptorian includes several physical maps of the world that have full vector topography layers.

USA and Canada Vector Map. Equidistant Conic Projection.

In addition, other maps of the world are included, with fewer layers but equally with great detail, in both Mercator and Winkel-Tripel projections.

Finally, in addition to a collection of simple world map templates, also vectorial, there is an impressive collection of mid-level vector world maps, ideal for creating all kinds of maps quickly, distributed over 16 types of map projection.

All maps are included in the Maptorian 2020 collection, available at a special price for a limited time.