Sample and License

sampleIf you want to discover the potential of Maptorian, we invite you to download a small sample. This sample contains a vector map created using some Maptorian layers. It will allow you to test and experience how easy it is to create maps from Maptorian vector files.

Download sample 1 (AI-ZIP, 3,2 MB) – Download sample 2 (AI-ZIP, 3,6 MB)


The use of maps is assigned to the user Maptorian pack buyer under the following conditions:

You can: Use Maptorian vector maps to create all the maps you want, both for personal and commercial use. Maps created from Maptorian can be used for any purpose.

You may not: Resell or distribute Maptorian vector maps, both in its original state or modified by any means without the express consent of the Maptorian designer. We do allow the use, for any purpose, of the final maps that can be created with Maptorian, but not the distribution of Maptorian maps, or portions thereof, for the purpose of selling similar vector templates.