About Maptorian

Maptorian is a vector map collection that was created having in mind what graphic designers, journalists, students and any other people may need to create visually appealing maps easily and quickly.Thanks to Maptorian’s layered maps, anybody who knows how to handle a current vector graphic design program, especially a program like Illustrator, can easily shape their own maps.


Everything in Maptorian maps is editable. The distribution of thematic layers is designed to quickly create different types of maps through their activation and deactivation, change in distribution and, of course, edition. Yes, everything in Maptorian can be customized.


Objects, layers, colors, texts… everything can be changed easily to create the desired map. Also, the user won’t have to rely on a different graphic design tool (can use Illustrator, Inkscape…), nor have to use any complex mapping software (GIS).


Map information is often out of reach for designers or graphic design programs users. Would not it be great to have a collection of maps designed as templates to create new, customized maps not needing to use GIS or similar programs?


That’s where Maptorian comes in. When creating this project, we always had in mind the ideal map pack in our daily work as graphic designers. Using Illustrator or any other popular vector design tool, you can create and edit any kind of map of the world, continent, country or region, simply using what Maptorian has to offer.


Layered AI + PDF (Requires Illustrator CS3 or higher or other similar graphic design software).


The magic behind Maptorian lies in its structure. All the maps that make up Maptorian have been designed to be easy to use. To achieve this goal, each map has several layers of information distributed on separate thematic layers.


These layers can be turned on or off, you can edit them, copy and paste or even merge them. There are layers of rivers and lakes, of roads or railways, cities, text labels… Playing with the arrangement of the layers and the elements that compose them you can create countless maps, all of them meeting your needs. Your imagination is the limit.

What for?

There is no limit to what you can do with Maptorian. We created this vector map pack thinking about the work of any graphic designer, Web designer, journalist or anyone else in need of creating maps quickly and very easily.


Editing the layers of each of the maps of Maptorian can create thematic maps of the entire planet, extract silhouettes of countries, create visual representations for computer graphics or similar. It doesn’t matter if you want maps for print or for web use, Maptorian maps adapt to all uses.


Being built in vector formats, they can be scaled to any size without losing image quality. Therefore, you can create high-resolution maps for publishing or even to give life to a large area but you also can create maps for websites or interactive maps. Each point, text, line, or polygon Maptorian is fully editable, so it becomes a cartographic toolbox easy to handle at your disposal.

The process

There are plenty of cartographic databases in the public domain in the world, but unfortunately they are typically designed for use by cartographers, engineers and geographers who use for their projects GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software. Generally, graphic designers, journalists or anyone else outside the world of GIS often have great difficulty in handling these cartographic databases.


When what is needed is to create visually appealing maps and accuracy and spatial analysis tasks are something you do not need, such databases become a tempting target, but, at the same time, a headache for those without GIS tools or the knowledge to take advantage of them.

natural_earth-300x100That’s where Maptorian comes in. Maptorian pack maps are created thinking in graphic design in the visual, to communicate information easily. For this, there has been shaped with public domain cartographic databases, like Natural Earth, following as reference the CIA World Factbookmaps and the National Atlas of the United States, from a dumping of raw data into a GIS, later distributed in layers with Illustrator.


Each vector object created this way has subsequently been edited “by hand” when the occasion demanded it, as it happened with text labels, elements of color, thicknesses and other graphic aspects. The result is a vector map pack created just to have on hand a number of ideal quality templates when designing visually appealing maps.


Maptorian has been created by Alejandro Polanco as a tool designed to make working with maps through the use of vector design software.

Throughout the development of these maps it was possibly made some mistakes, and we appreciate any feedback if you locate one or if you have some kind of problem handling the maps.