World Map Vector

About the advantages of using vector files to create maps of the world, countries, regions, or cities.

As has already been discussed on other occasions in these Maptorian blog entries, the advantages of being able to create maps with vectors are endless.

By definition, a vector map is one whose objects are created mathematically and have their own entity. An image map, or raster map, is like a photograph made with thousands of points. However, these points cannot be scaled without loss of quality, nor can calculations be performed on them. Vector maps have the enormous advantage that they can be resized, i.e. scaled, without loss of quality. A vector map can be ideal for creating a web graphic, a printed map for a book, or a poster, but it can also be scaled up to make maps that occupy entire walls or even building facades without loss of quality. The map image will always remain sharp, regardless of the size to which you want to scale it.

In addition, vector objects are editable. This means that everything in these maps can be adapted to the designer’s taste. You can change the colors of the lines, their thickness, the type of text in the labels, you can also change the content of the labels, the type of hatches, and introduce new objects.

It is these two main features: the ability to scale infinitely without loss of quality, and the possibility of editing each element of the maps, which makes the use of vector maps unparalleled versatility.

Maptorian vector maps are ideal for creating all types of maps of the world, countries, regions, and others because they can be adapted to any format without loss of quality and are fully editable. In addition, the license of use of Maptorian vector maps allows the maps created from them to be used without limitations, both in personal and commercial projects, without having to pay any additional license fee. The only limitation of the license is that Maptorian vector maps are not allowed to be commercialized as such, but any products developed from them are.

We invite you to learn about the various vector map packages that are available from Maptorian here: