Vector world maps pack (full edition)

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Maptorian Vector Maps

Digital download – Fully editable and scalable. You can use Maptorian vector maps to create all the maps you want, both for personal and commercial use. Maps created from Maptorian can be used for any purpose (see license).


  • Digital download (10GB of downloadable maps in several files)
  • A reduced price to get the entire map bundle.
  • A license to use the maps for any project, including commercial projects.
  • The maps are updated on a regular basis, and these updates are offered at no additional cost to former buyers of this pack.
  • Maps in vector format, scalable without loss of quality.
  • Maps in AI format for Adobe Illustrator (CS3 or higher), fully editable and layered (the maps can also be imported and edited with graphic design programs such as Inkscape or Affinity Designer).
  • All the information is distributed in thematic layers (scale, topography, coasts, capitals of the world and of states, cities, administrative divisions, rivers, roads, railroads…)
  • All layers, objects, colors, and labels are editable.
  • Vector world maps with three different levels of detail: low, medium, and high.
  • Continents, regions, and country maps (Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, America, USA…)
  • Topographic vector maps (Miller projection).


  • WORLD MAPS (High detail): 20 maps + auxiliary maps
  • WORLD MAPS (Medium detail): 30 maps
  • WORLD MAPS (Low detail): 8 maps
  • Supplementary Maps and Physical Backgrounds

Maptorian Vector Maps

Details of each map type included in the full edition


Vector world maps (high detail).
Digital download.
Pack size (ZIP 2 Files): 1,5 + 2 GB.
Contains 20 maps (4 projections) + auxiliary maps.
Layers: 40.
Minimum software required: Adobe Illustrator CS3 or equivalent vector software (Layered AI format.
Minimum RAM required: 2GB (4 GB recommended).

Miller projection (44 layers) – political and physical maps
Bathymetry – Time zones (ocean depth) Miller high detail
World Maps (Miller Projection). Physical Vector Maps.
Miller Pacific projection – High detail (political and physical maps)
Mercator high detail maps (political and physical)
Winkel-Tripel high detailed world maps (political – physical)

Maps of continents, countries, and regions

Digital download.
Pack size (ZIP): 1,30 GB.
Contains 21 maps + auxiliary maps.
Layers: 40.
Minimum software required: Adobe Illustrator CS3 or equivalent vector software (Layered AI format).
Minimum RAM required: 2GB (4 GB recommended).

Africa and Middle East map (high detail)
America map (high detail)
USA map (high detail – county level)
USA map (detail)
Canada Vector Map
USA and Canada Vector Map. Equidistant Conic Projection.
USA States Vector Map. County Level (Detail).
USA Physical Vector Map. USA Azimuthal Equidistant Projection.
USA Physical Vector Map Detail.
USA Azimuthal Equidistant Projection
USA Azimuthal Equidistant Projection (Detail)
Asia map (high detail)
Oceania and Southeast Asia (high detail)
Europe map (high detail)
Europe map (detail)
Europe Vector Map (Equidistant Conic Projection)
Europe Regions Vector Map (Equidistant Conic Projection)
Polar maps


Digital download.
Pack size (ZIP 2 Files): 1,60 + 2 GB.
Contains 30 maps (16 projections) + auxiliary maps.
Layers: 40.
Minimum software required: Adobe Illustrator CS3 or equivalent vector software (Layered AI format).
Minimum RAM required: 2GB.

Miller projection – Medium detail (political/physical)
Miller projection – Medium detail (political/physical) Pacific
HD World Map with Vector Flags
Mercator projection – Medium detail (political/physical)
Robinson projection – Medium detail (political – physical)
Robinson projection – Medium detail (political/physical) Pacific
Winkel-Tripel projection – Medium detail (political/physical)
Winkel projections I-II (Political)
Van der Grinten projection (physical/political)
Times projection (physical/political)
Mollweide projection (political/physical)
Hammer-Aitoff projection (political/physical)
Gall-Stereographic projection (political/physical)
Eckert-I (physical/political)
Other maps (Bonne projection, WGS84…)


Topographic World Maps + Bathymetry. Digital download.
Projection: Miller.
Pack size (ZIP): 1,8 GB.
Contains 9 maps. (Africa + Asia and Oceania + Europe and the Middle East + North and Central America + South America + World Topography Compositions).
Minimum software required: Adobe Illustrator CS3.
Minimum RAM required: 8GB (16 GB recommended).
Formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator).
Layers included (9 + auxiliary layers with countries and political features). Scale, Graticules, Lakes, Rivers, Glaciated Areas, Coast, Bathymetry (Oceans), Shaded Relief (Raster), Topographic (Vector) + Additional layers (physical geography labels).

HD Physical Vector World Map


Four simple world maps, ideal for creating small presentation maps, web maps, or similar. Projections: Mercator, Miller, Robinson, and WGS84. Formats: AI for Illustrator and PDF.

Thematic layers (full edition)

Most of the maps include a layer with a graphic scale referring to the equator.

Physical labels (6 layers)
Physical background (bitmap). For topographic vectors see..
Elevation points (Miller high detail)
Graticules and geographic lines (10 layers with labels + scale bar and north arrow)
Rivers, lakes, seas and oceans (6 layers)
Antarctic ices, glaciated areas (2 layers)
Countries and boundary lines (4 layers)
Land, coastline, boundary lines maritime (4 layers)
Admin level (states, regions) – High detail pack
USA + Canada + Australia internal boundary lines, labels, and areas (3 layers)
National capitals and big cities (2 layers)
Population levels and urban areas (high detail maps)
USA State Capitals labels (2 layers)
Roads and railroads (high detail maps)
Airports, ports (world maps high detail), parks, and protected lands (USA map)
Editable vector flags (one layer per flag)


All objects, labels and elements are editable. Maptorian is an awesome map collection designed to easily create your own map projects for personal or commercial use without any restriction.

Maptorian is a vector map collection created thinking about the work of graphic designers, journalists, students and people who need to create visually appealing maps easily and quickly.

With the layered maps of Maptorian, any person who knows how to handle a current vector graphic design program, especially a program like Illustrator, can easily shape their own maps.

Maptorian Vector Maps