Population thematic layers

Depending on the type of map you want to create, different levels of detail can be found in Maptorian maps. Today I’m going to briefly comment something about the different thematic layers about cities and populated places that can be found in the more detailed maps of Maptorian. These thematic layers are distributed in five levels but, before describing them, here are two screenshots in which you can see the five layers activated at the same time. (Click on the images to enlarge).

Now, let’s visualize the different thematic layers of the vector maps. We start with a graphic layer that can be used as a base. It is the layer of urban areas. As you can see, when you turn off all other labels and point layers, the urban areas layer appears as a gray shading above the background.

Next, we’ll see what happens when you activate the thematic layers of large cities (as in all these cases, there is a layer for dots indicating the presence of cities and another layer for text labels, all of which are editable).

Maps of the United States also include layers for state capitals (Red squares).

By raising a level, we can activate the layer of cities that gives us the full picture…

And, of course, there are layers dedicated to the capitals of countries, which differ in their typography and their starry symbol.

You can find more details about the complete collection of Maptorian maps here.