New high detail vector maps of the world

One of the main novelties of the new Maptorian edition are its detailed maps of the world in vector format (AI for Adobe Illustrator and PDF in layers, both editable, of course, with more than 40 thematic layers for each type of map, with versions in physical and political maps.). Today I will briefly introduce you to these new detailed maps and, in the next few days, I will do the same with the other new maps of different types that Maptorian integrates in 2018.

Vector world map – Miller

Miller projection. This map is already a classic in Maptorian. It has always been the best-selling of my maps and is now a completely revised map: it has new layers, a complete label review and four versions: physical map, political map, ocean depth map and time zone map.

Miller projection (44 layers) – political and physical maps
Time zones – bathymetry (ocean depth) Miller high detail

Vector world map – Miller Pacific

Miller projection. It basically contains the same layers, labels and details as the classic Miller map version, but now, and after many requests, here is a very detailed map of the entire planet centered on the Pacific Ocean.

Miller Pacific projection – High detail (political and physical maps)

Vector world map – Mercator

Mercator projection. In spite of the criticisms that Mercator’s projection has received throughout history, this type of maps continues to be one of the most widely used. The new version of Maptorian’s Mercator map has been completely revised and is now also available as a physical and political map. Naturally, you can combine the layers you need to create any other type of thematic map.

Mercator high detail maps (political and physical)

Vector world map – Winkel Tripel

Winkel-Tripel projection. Finally, here is another request from many Maptorian users. A classic projection, ideal for creating all types of wall maps. For example, it is usually used in maps that include flags from countries around the world (now Maptorian also includes in its complete edition a collection of vector flags from all over the world).

Winkel-Tripel high detailed world maps (political – physical)