Main updates of the new release of Maptorian

Since I published the new version of Maptorian a few days ago, I have received several e-mails asking me about the new features.

I have prepared the following list to report changes and improvements, I hope they will be of interest to Maptorian users. And, above all, I want to thank all of them for the confidence they have in my maps, I will improve this edition gradually. Any buyer of the new version (2018), will receive without additional cost access to the new maps that are published. Here is the list of Maptorian 2018 improvements:

  • All maps have been updated and some bugs corrected (e. g. some text labels).
  • The full edition of Maptorian vector maps contains two series of world maps, with interchangeable layers between them (as long as it is the same geographical projection, of course). The first series consists of very detailed maps, especially designed for preparing posters or printed graphics. The other series (“lite edition”) consists of a collection of simpler maps, for creating maps for the web or similar. The two collections are included in the full edition pack. The “lite edition” is also sold separately.
  • Other improved maps are included: Time zones, sea depth, vector topographic maps (Miller projection) adapted to the new detailed maps, as well as new simplified vector maps.
  • Currently, the “scratch maps” are very popular. Such maps usually include compositions based on the flags of the world. Flags are also used on many posters. Therefore, I have created a collection with 195 flags in vector format, which can be used when creating all types of maps.
  • One of the main changes in the vector world maps is the new layer series. Some of the completely new layers are: Renewed physical geography labels, elevation points (detailed Miller mapping), tagged graticules, scale-bar and north arrow, improved marine borders, improved states and regions, national capitals layer and three additional layers per population level, USA state capitals layer, natural park layers (USA map)…
  • New maps of continents and regions: Africa, Middle East, America and USA maps, Asia, Oceania, Europe and polar maps.

To better understand what the new version of Maptorian consists of, I recommend visiting the website where I explain in detail the new maps and layers.