USA Map Vector

The Maptorian full edition includes several vector maps of the United States, as well as maps of North America and the American continent. Today we will briefly describe the maps included in Maptorian that are related to the United States. Naturally, all these maps have the same features as the rest of our vector maps: they are scalable without loss of quality, they contain thematic data layers, they include vector topographic layers, and all contents are editable, from text to vectors, colors, and shapes. The license is also the same: the use of our maps to create personal and/or commercial projects is allowed without limitation.

To learn more about these maps, visit the section dedicated to the Maptorian full edition.

Here’s a little review of the detailed vector maps of the United States included in Maptorian.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the small and medium detail level maps include specific layers for the United States. The following images are examples selected from several of these simple vector maps, with various cartographic projections, that are included in Maptorian.

The highly detailed world maps also include specific layers of the United States, and of course, a whole series of detailed maps dedicated exclusively to North America and the United States is also included. These vector maps of the United States include detailed thematic layers of transportation, cities, states, and counties. Below is a selection of those vector maps.

If you are wondering if our maps are suitable for your project we encourage you to try the samples ready for download.