Vector maps: why are they so useful?

When a designer needs to use geographical maps, he finds the possibility of locating a multitude of sources to take as a basis for creating new maps. Nevertheless, most of these maps are in bitmap (raster) format, so it is not easy to adapt or edit them.

Vector maps, such as Adobe Illustrator maps (AI) and similar ones, have many advantages that save a lot of time when designing maps. Here are some of these advantages:

  1. Vector maps are scalable without lost quality.
  2. Can be easily edited.
  3. No quality distortion in the edition process.
  4. Vector maps have smaller file sizes than bitmap images.
  5. Vector graphics are perfect for high quality print documents (when you need non pixelated images for printing).
  6. When you need detailed illustrations, vector files are the perfect solution.
  7. These maps can be used for presentations and animation works with optimal results.
  8. Using vectors poses a time saver when you need to create complex graphics.

These are some of the reasons why the use of this type of files is very useful for all type of designers and other professionals.

Map packs currently available in Maptorian.

Example showing vector graphics versus bitmaps.

Image CC D. Stabro / Wikimedia Commons.