Playing with gaussian blur in raster layers on vector maps

Some of my vector maps (published in Maptorian or AlpoMaps), have one or more layers in raster format (bitmap, not vector). Why this format?

In ocassions, when the geographic information is very dense or complex, as with shaded reliefs, mountains or physical layers, the raster layers are useful. I have a specific product with physical layers in vector format, but is very “heavy”. When we don´t need hight detail, the raster layers can be the best solution. But, in some ocasions, we can found a problem like this…

1.- Maptorian vector map with physical layer in raster format, distant view.

vector maps and raster layers

2.- The same map, in zoom view. See how the physical layer is pixelated.

raster layer

A trick to “repair” the problem (without use vector layers) consists in the gaussian filter. This is a filter inherit from Photoshop, but instaled with Adobe Illustrator natively. To proceed: first, select the raster layer, then apply the filter:

Effect –> (Photoshop Effects) –> Blur –> Gaussian blur (radius 1.0 or 2.0 pixels).

3.- The new map, after execute the filter, have a more soft aspect.

gaussian blur