Gall-Peters projection

The Peters projection (named after Arno Peters), also called the Gall-Peters projection, is a cartographic projection that was first described in 1855 by James Gall. This projection is equivalent, that is to say, it preserves the proportion between the areas of the different zones of the Earth. This is its main difference with the Mercator projection, which preserves the angles but not the areas.

This projection tries to avoid the Eurocentric image of the world, since the Mercator projection gives great space to the lands closest to the poles and therefore makes it seem much larger than they really are in northern Europe, Greenland, Russia and Canada.

I created a vector world map with Gall-Peters projection (using QGIS) and thought about including it in Maptorian. However, I have decided to postpone the incorporation to Maptorian until I clear up some problems with its use. If anyone needs a map with this type of projection, please contact me.