Maptorian Vector Maps New 2021 Edition

As every year, Maptorian is renewed with a revised edition. This new edition was supposed to be published in early 2020 but, as we all know, it has been a very complicated year. The delay in renewing the maps has led me to publish the 2021 edition directly, both because of the delay and because it is my desire to overcome the difficulties that 2020 is causing.

This new edition is the most detailed I have done so far. During the last months, I have introduced several improvements in the vector maps, some of them are detailed below:

  1. I have added some maps to the existing ones. Also, all the maps from previous editions have been revised. The new maps are mainly new cartographic projections for North America and the United States, as well as new maps of Europe and a comprehensive topographic map of the world, as well as three new physical maps of the world.
  2. The size of the packs has been reduced. Previously the maps were offered in two versions: AI and PDF, plus some maps in EPS format. Over time I have found that these options did not add any advantage and made the packs too big. The new version only offers the maps in AI version, optimized for Adobe Illustrator CS3 (of course, they work perfectly with CC versions of Illustrator). These files can also be imported into other vector design programs (one of my favorites lately is Affinity Designer).
  3. In a project as complex as this one, there are always details to be improved. That’s why, in this revision, several problems with labels, colors, and layer adjustment have been solved.

I am considering the option of offering new map packs, but for the moment I have decided to keep the existing ones: the full edition, the lite edition, and the pack with physical vector maps. In addition, I have kept the price as it has been in the last months, without increases. Of course, any buyer of previous versions has the right to download the new version without additional costs (whoever is interested, please write to me to tell me about it).

The update is already published and the links activated. However, the task has been very complex, so I ask that, if any error is detected, you inform me to solve it as soon as possible. Thanks to all who support me in this mapping adventure!