Map posters (Minimal Geography)

Minimal geography poster mapsMinimal Geography is a series of posters on cartographic themes that I have designed over the last few years. The main premises that I use in its design are: Gathering curious data and information with a geographical component, a clean and clear design and, of course, a touch of imagination.

Minimal Geography – Poster #1

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You can buy the poster in digital version (300ppp) for high quality printing. The purchase includes two versions of the map in TIFF and PDF format: A1 and 24×36 In. (There are no limitations on the number of prints), also includes the original PSD files (for Photoshop), fully editable.

Minimal Geography map poster

I have worked as a graphic designer and cartographer for almost twenty years and, during all this time, I always wanted to design a poster-map that was different from what you usually see.

The final result has been a map that brings together an infographic conception of the planet with a touch of curiosity. The central map, with a Dymaxion projection, is the element around which a multitude of data and thematic layers are displayed.