And the most forgotten country on the maps is… New Zealand

Last Monday I was struck by a large mural map of the world that decorated the travel section of a shopping mall. Not bad at all, the map was quite good, with some detail and good taste in the typographies and colors used. However, as on many occasions, an instant discomfort assaulted me. It is normal in this type of maps, and in many other similar ones, to forget small islands but… they had eaten New Zealand! The designer had simply erased the whole of New Zealand, which is not exactly a little island lost in the middle of nowhere in a wall map.

It is not something isolated, there is even a group in Reddit, which is quite active (it has more than 27,000 subscribers at the moment), in which all those maps where this cartographic error has been made are being compiled.

All these maps are compiled here: World Maps Without New Zealand

If you are looking for quality cartography to create stunning maps, as always, nothing better than the vector maps of Maptorian. 😉

Image source. (CC).