Mercator World Maps Vector Pack – Special Edition

Although other Maptorian packs contain various maps of the world made with Mercator projection, here is a special pack with more detailed layers. This collection contains a complete collection of thematic maps in Mercator projection, one of the most used on the Internet (for example, in Google Maps).

Mercator vector world maps

Pack: Mercator World Maps (Ref. AlpoMaps Mercator).
Edition: 2017-2018. Digital download.
Pack size (zip): 600 MB.
Contains: 14 thematic maps + 1 thematic composition example map.
Minimum software required: Adobe Illustrator CS3.
Minimum RAM required: 2GB (at least 4GB is highly recommended).
Formats: Layered AI for Adobe Illustrator.

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All objects, labels and elements are editable. Maptorian is an awesome map collection designed to easily create your own map projects for personal or commercial use without any restriction. Maptorian is a vector map collection created thinking about the work of graphic designers, journalists, students and people who need to create visually appealing maps easily and quickly. Thanks to the layered maps of Maptorian, any person who knows how to handle a current vector graphic design program, especially a program like Illustrator, can easily shape their own maps.

Thematic maps contained in the Mercator World Maps pack

Map #1: Admin Level 1 (Countries)
Admin Level 1 (Countries)

Map #2: Admin Level 2 (Regions/States)
Admin Level 2

Map #3: Airports + Ports
Airports + Ports

Map #4: Vector Bathymetry
Vector bathymetry

Map #5: Geographic Areas
Geographic areas

Map #6: Glaciated Areas
Glaciated Areas

Map #7: Graticules

Map #8: Land and coastline
Land and coastlines

Map #9: Reefs, minor islands and misc.

Map #10: Physical (raster)

Map #11: Rivers and lakes
Rivers and lakes

Map #12: Roads, navigation and railroads
Roads, navigation and railroads

Map #13: Populations level 1

Map #14: Populations level 2

Buy This Pack (PayPal or Credit Card) $39

Composition examples

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